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Martin has just had his 60th birthday celebration and shows no sign of ceasing to improve. Returning to the Railway with his old sparring partner, that wild man of the fiddle, Dave 'back from the dead' Swarbrick. What else needs to be said?!
Oh yes, tickets are on sale already!

Well, they've been and gone... and what a memorable night!! Playing to a capacity audience - standing room only - they gave a superlative performance worthy of two legendary greats!! Click for photos...

20 September Singers Night

Write it, learn it, practise it and come and come and deliver it at the Railway. You'll be surprised by the wealth of talent. Listeners particularly welcome!


A brilliant local talent, Ian playing wonderful concertina while Tom sings an excellent selection of songs against the typical DADGAD tuned guitar
What a pity these fine musicians weren't better supported. There seems to be a problem with folk club audiences 'if they aren't big names they can't be any good'. One begs the question 'How did the big names become big names?' Talent alone clearly isn't the answer...


Unfortunately the end of an era and we at the Railway are fortunate to have one of the last nine gigs to be done by this wonderful duo. Needless to say tickets are also on sale for this collectors item!
This concert was held at the Spread Eagle in Lymm village, with a capacity audience. Sorry if you were one of those we had to turn away - we just couldn't cram anyone else in!!
Huw and Tony fans were delighted yet again - 'an excellent performance... a very polished act and very funny too!' to quote our Helen! They played all the old favourites, including Rosemary's Sister and Pterodactyl Two-Step.
Why not visit Crasdant's Website - that's Huw's new band!

4 October Singers Night

You've got the picture. Write it, learn it, practise it and come and come and deliver it at the Railway. Let us hear your knees knocking, it's better with percussion. Come and have a great time.


Both traditional songs, and songs written by Dave. Some a capella singing and some accompanied by concertina. Exceptional harmonies. Great choruses. Blow away the cobwebs!! Visit their web site!
...and a great night they gave us, too!! Full marks to Trevor Morton for mithering Don until he booked them!

18 October Singers Night

Same craic as usual. A room full of performers and listeners all having a great time. Why not get a life?
Tonight saw the introduction of a 'session break' after we'd been round everyone once. Some used it as an opportunity to empty their bladders and fill their glasses (?!), others had a chat, and others played instruments. On this particular occasion, Helen, JJ and Bernard led the tunes - but anyone is welcome to lead, join in, listen, or just plain ignore it!


Harvey has been on the Folk Scene for over thirty years. Click here for more information!
Another truly great night at the Railway! How do we keep it up?! By booking people of Harvey's calibre, that's how! Don and Heather started us off with a few of their own songs, and Bernard did some rabble-rousing just before Harvey stepped up to sing some old favourites and new material. He gave a new twist to an old song 'Anon', which he recited as a monologue with just the last chorus sung, and there were numerous requests from the audience. Three lucky people one one of his albums (each!) in the raffle, and the CD shop did a brisk trade of autographed CD's during the interval.


Martin is a regular, welcome visitor to the Railway... click here for more info!!
We were treated to another thoroughly enjoyable evening with Martin! Many of his old favourites, plus some new material, interspersed with anecdotes. We also had some songs from Don and Heather, Rick Nelson and Bernard to put the evening 'on track'!

1 November Singers Night

What a fantastic turn out, eh?! We had so many performers that we hadn't a cat in Hell's chance of getting round everyone twice. Our monthly French visitor, Sylviane, turned up with a box from which she extracted a set of Flemish Pipes, which she proceeded to play beautifully... though it was difficult for us to keep a straight face, because they were disguised as Shaun the Sheep (of Wallace and Gromit fame)! Seeing is believing!! Oh, and we were invaded by the Warburton Soulers...


The inimitable Bolton Bullfrog!! Click here to visit Bernard's web site...
Side-splitting from start to finish - and what a finish! The timeless Ballad of Knocking Nelly and the Sixty-Niner, by popular request, sent everyone home in severe abdominal pain! Don and Heather started the evening, followed by our young fiddler, Sam Dale with a few tunes, including Michael's Mazurka. Richard sang a couple of his own songs, and Bernard (the other one!) finished off the 'warm-up' session. Once again we were scratching around to find seats for everyone, and 'a good night was 'ad by all!'


Another Railway regular, though not usually as a solo performer! Click here for his web site...
Don and Heather started the evening off, but didn't 'let their banjo ring' despite numerous requests from Rob. Nic and Lyn followed with their first guest night floor spot, which was received very well, Rick and Lesley kept up their usual high standard despite a broken string, and John Kelly turned up with one of his harmoniums...
Steve's fans were in for a treat, as his renowned songwriting ability, guitar playing skill and excellent singing voice were showcased. He did seem a little uncomfortable as a soloist, in that he didn't have someone on stage with whom to exchange the usual repartee... He played a mixture of new ('Anthony Believes') and old ('Salty Dog'), closing the night with the wonderful 'Slip Jigs and Reels'.

15 November Singers Night

Practice your tunes on your comb-and-paper ready for our 'mid-term session break'!


Click here to find out more!
A polished and very entertaining performance, with a wide variety of songs, old and new. After Kathryn's rendition of 'Cuckoo's Nest' there wasn't a dry seat in the house... and Sean's guitar work has inspired a few bonfires! They'll be back...

29 November Singers Night


A fine singer and fiddler, and a frequent Railway guest (usually with Pauline Cato - click here).
What really impresses about Tom is his quiet, unassuming brilliance... he chats with the audience, rather than talking at them, picks up one of his fiddles, makes a cursory check on the tuning - not quite right, quick tweak - then away he goes! He started off with 'something Scottish', and had everybody enthralled from start to finish... his songs ranged from traditional to fine contemporary compositions like Richard Thompson's 'Bee's Wing'.

13 December The Railway Singers Christmas Party

Butties by the trayload... need we say more?!

20 December The Railway Irish Christmas Party

Kevin Webster (melodeon) will be joining Tony, Terry and Lesley for tonight's bash! Come early, or you might not get a seat...
What a night! Garva at their best! Don and Heather started the proceedings, with Rick and Lesley adding their extra special touch. Garva's performance was somewhat poignant - possibly the last time they will appear at the Railway in this particular line-up... we hope not. Special guest Kevin once again proved why he is a champion Irish melodeon player; the band as a whole were in excellent form. Tony is soon to start touring with the new John Wright band, appearing at the Railway on March 9th., and Terry is about to buy a camper van and start a tour of Europe... we wish them all well! We'll do us best to get them back here next Christmas...

27 December The 'I'm glad I survived Xmas'
Singers Night

3 January
The 'I'm glad I survived New Year'
Singers Night
10 January Singers Night

Back to 'normal', whatever that is... no more Christmas songs, now, please!!

17 January BAYOU SECO

Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie, who form the heart of Bayou Seco, have been researching and playing the music of the Southwest - from the Mississipi River to the deserts of Arizona - for twenty two years. Respectfully drawing from these traditions and from their own ancestors, they present to the public an exciting and informative program of Southwestern music on diatonic accordions, fiddles, guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica... Click here to visit their website!
A very entertaining evening from start (with Don and Heather) to finish! Bayou Seco started their first set with a Mexican song, the chorus of which was basically a blood curdling yell which was quickly taken up by the audience! Jeanie, Ken and Mark are all fiddle players, and provided some wonderfully harmonised tunes... if you were expecting a rather boring, same-sounding 'Cajun' evening, you were pleasantly surprised! This was a totally acoustic offering, with fiddles, guitar, harmonica, G/D/A musette melodeon and one-row Cajun-style melodeon. Oh, and you haven't lived until you've sung:

Rattlesnake bit the baby
Pretty girls drive me crazy
Rattlesnake bit the baby
24 January Singers Night

Always a capacity audience, book now to avoid disappointment! Click here to visit his website...
Don and Heather opened the evening with a selection of songs, some self-penned. Vin was in fine form, treating his fans to a selection from the CD he is currently recording, plus some from his controversial 1983 album. He mentioned the woman from Galway who thought a "Catalytic converter" was an Irish missionary!


Maggie is always welcome at The Railway, no matter who she has in tow! Steve Tilston, Gordon Tyrrall, Tony Gibbons, and now Jon Brindley (the Demon Fiddler - er, he plays a bit of guitar, too!). Should be an interesting evening!!
We had a plethora of residents and floor singers to start the evening - Don and Heather, Sean the Sheep (with his accomplice, Sylviane!), Rick and Lesley, and Richard (sporting a shiny new guitar!).
Maggie and Jon then took centre stage, giving the audience a variety of songs and tunes old and new. Jon is a very subtle, sympathetic accompanist who suits Maggie's singing style admirably. It's no wonder they have now formed a band - more details when we have them! It was a pity, though that we only had one set of tunes on the fiddle - maybe more next time, Jon?
Our Bernard started the second half with English and Anglo concertinas, with Maggie and Jon storming to a great finish!

7 February Singers Night

Another of our popular regular visitors, who needs no introduction!

As ever, Don and Heather opened the night; Rick and Lesley followed in fine style, and Bernard rounded off the residents' warm-up with his own brand of lunacy!

Gordon started off with 'The Crockery Ware', and sang many old favourites. Rob requested 'Factory Girl', which Gordon sang to round off the first half. There were tunes a-plenty on both guitar and flute, played with his usual flair to the delight of all present.

21 February Singers Night
28 February ALLAN TAYLOR

Allan's reputation speaks for itself! Just in case it doesn't... his website! Arrive early to be sure of a good seat!

Don and Heather started the night, with Bernard not far behind. Allan opened his first set with 'Come Home Safely To Me' to a good sized audience, with other songs and anecdotes including 'Rubenstien Remembers' - not one of Allan's own compositions.
We were in for a surprise in the second half - the opening floor spot was Tom McConville! During Allan's second set, which started with 'Flower in the Snow', Tom joined him on fiddle for a few songs, including the classic 'Roll On The Day'. Tom and Allan eventually brought the evening to a fine close with 'It's Good To See You'.
Click here for some photos...

7 March Singers Night

Sean the Sheep has promised to bring Sylviane tonight...

  John Wright Band
CANCELLED due to illness

We wish John a speedy recovery, and hope to see the new band at the Railway in the not too distant future...

14 March Singers Night

Making a welcome return visit to the Railway, Jane and Amanda, along with their 'minders'!
A thoroughly enjoyable evening! Rick and Lesley started us off, followed by Nic and Lyn, and Bernard. Jane and Amanda then stepped up, along with Martin Ellison (melodeon) and Roger Edwards (Anglo concertina and guitar). What a refreshing change to hear traditional songs and tunes - not what one expects in a folk club!! Seriously, it does make a welcome change from singer/songwriters for those of us who like a good sing! Martin and Roger provide a sensitive accompaniment for the beautiful harmonies of Jane and Amanda - and the two girls singing unaccompanied fair puts shivers down yer spine!! We were also treated to a few lively tunes from Martin and Roger, and later with Jane on mandola and Amanda on viola, and the evening came to an end far too soon for most of us! Click to see some photos!

28 March Singers Night

What can be said about Les that hasn't already been said? His comically skewed outlook on life defies description, so come and find out for yourself!! Meanwhile, here's his website...

As ever, Don and Heather launched the night towards the inevitable oblivion that is Les's trademark! Our own resident poet, Trevor Morton, made one of his rare appearances, and we were glad to see him. Bernard finished off the residents' offerings, and then... Les Barker! He has an indefinable quality that causes the audience to fall about laughing at the slightest word or grimace!

Most of the poems were old favourites, with newer ones thrown in for good measure. The most unlikely sublect of a poem for everyone except, of course, Mr. Barker - 'David Beckham's groin', which everyone found hilariously funny! Watch out for the photos...

11 April Singers Night

Another treat in store for his many fans - an evening's entertainment not to be missed!

Well, the Anthony John Clark Fan Club turned out in force! Don and Heather opened, followed by Diane (of 'Out of the Woodwork'), with Bernard bringing up the rear!

AJC started his set with a couple of solo items using his new nylon-strung guitar, and then invited Elizabeth van de Waal (hereinafter known as 'Little Mo') to join him on keyboard (a new one!) and vocals. Elizabeth's harmonies complemented John beautifully without being intrusive - it must have been difficult for her when you consider that AJC is already something of an 'establishment' figure. Anthony was in a more philosophical mood than usual, and everyone clearly enjoyed every minute! Photos to follow shortly...

25 April Singers Night

Catherine Mundy and Jay Turner have been to the Railway before, and return by popular demand! Oh - here's a link to their website!

9 May Singers Night

It just gets better and better... Jez & Co. have visited the Railway 'individually and severally', and always give us a great show! We will open the doors at 6:00am so the early birds can find good perches!
Don Davies writes:
We had nearly 50 in and they were a great audience. Jez Lowe was at his usual best but with a new album, the first for four years, he had lots of old favorites mixed with new songs. The band was really tight. Judy Dinning, who comes back in September with Kenny Spears and Joe Wright (from the John Wright Band), has a lovely voice, Kate Bramley the violinist filled in with nice interludes and also sang. Simon Haworth is a good bass player (stand up type) and sings harmony. They did some four part acapella bits.
A great evening. He has a web site...

Sounds like the only way is up!!!!!!!!!!


An up-and-coming squeezebox player (website) - we've heard that he's rather good, and could be going places...!!
John was as brilliant as ever, rounding off the evening with his ever-popular 'Bells of St. Mary's', where he does the old Music Hall trick of imitating bells ringing by swinging his concertina around like a great windmill! Pete Townshend eat yer 'eart out!!

23 May Singers Night

Residents Don & Heather, Rick & Lesley, and Bernard provided the 'warm-up' for a thoroughly enjoyable night. Ruth and her minders gave early arrivals a sneak preview of their latest song 'Goin' Home Again' during the sound check... this was the evening's closing song - and a Railway Premiére! As Don put it - they couldn't get their harmony any closer if they stood nearer to each other...!!

Photo Album - Risky Business
6 June Singers Night

One of the more recent Albion Band members, Kellie is the daughter of highly regarded singer and songwriter Chris While and pianist and songwriter Joe While. She spent much of her childhood travelling to gigs with her parents and so it was inevitable that one day she would find her own musical path. She started playing guitar at 8 and played her first solo gig at 13. So why not come and see for yourself!? Tonight she is appearing with fellow E2K member Kwame Yeboah...

Don and Heather set the show on the road, followed by Bernard. Then came the turn of Kellie and Kwame - what a brilliant pair of musicians! Kellie has a beautiful, controlled singing style with plenty of dynamic range, and Kwame contributed some subtle harmony - a pity he didn't sing in his own right, though. Kellie varied her guitar style from intricately woven fingerstyle to hard chord bashing, with Kwame making full and appropriate use of the capabilities of his keyboard system.
Songs included Kellie's own material, but showed the laudable restraint to include songs written by other established songwriters - some other singer-songwriters would do well to follow this example!!

20 June Singers Night
27 June Singers Night
29 June to 6 July
The Haddenham Hoofers
(Appalachian Dancers)

YES! We've got Garva after all!

4 July Festival Singers Night

11 July to 5 September
All Summer Singers Nights

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