This was the first newsletter published in July 1995 when Ann Clancy handed the Railway Folk Club over to a new management committee...

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At the end of June we said our goodbyes to Ann when she finally decided it was time to make the big decision and go off to greener pastures in the north east. We were all sorry that we wouldn't be seeing and hearing Ann every Thursday and then within four weeks she was back for the weekend of her son's wedding, we hope everything went well. We were lucky to hear some of the old favourites including 'John Willy's Ferret' and 'Thousands or More' as most people seem to know it.

Ann kept the club going through some sticky times and we still had the likes of Allan Taylor, Tom McConville, Garva, Les Barker and Bram Taylor while being introduced to new talent like 'Risky Business' and the never to be forgotten 'Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts'.

We owe Ann our thanks and hope that she returns often.


Taking over from Ann are Graham and Sylvia, Don and Heather, Geoff and Trevor. Known very well to everyone:

TREVOR MORTON has been a regular for about eight years but even before that was frequenting folk clubs in places as far apart as Cornwall and Eccles. Trev writes much of his own material from monologues to top class Lancashire poetry and he even caught the eye of Stuart Hall and the 'Look North' team who took him on board for a six week spell in nineteen hundred and frozen to death. On board being the operative word Trev is currently narrowboating to London and back just to learn the unabridged version of 'Sweet Thames' - McColl.

GEOFF SMITH or 'Geoff the door' has been presenting a menacing figure to anyone uncertain whether or not to perform or whether or not to pay. As we all know Geoff is the railway freak with the encyclopedic memory for songs and the voice to do them all justice. Many times people are heard to clamour for 'Byker Hill' or 'Casey's Last Ride' and long may he control our turnstile.

HEATHER AND DON DAVIES came to the club about seven years ago and after Don being solo for a while (how lo can you go?) Heather took up the tambourine later adding the kazoo to make them into a bit of a band. Since then Don has gone part-time in an effort to practice the guitar and it is rumoured Heather is taking up the gob organ. You can always be sure of a good chorus to the likes of 'Poverty Knock' 'All the tunes in the world' and 'Galway shawl'.

SYLVIA AND GRAHAM SOWERBY need no introduction at all but Sylvia 'Can Jump Puddles' amongst other things and Graham has his first album coming out for the new season. Congratulations are due to him and of course we were only joking when we said that one copy would do for our club thanks to double tape decks. We're sure that everyone will consider it essential listening and hope that it contains all their favourites like 'The Belle Helene' and 'Wainwright'. We wish him all the best and hope he makes a few bob on the folk scene, he deserves it.

SUMMER 1995 saw a great blues night with Pete Ryder followed by a series of Singers nights during which we have collected a members list of 40 - YES - 40!!! so we seem to have the makings of a good crowd for the new season. Apart from regulars like Dave Pugh, Amos and Rob we have had a steady input from Brian Challoner and Alan Grace with occasional visits from Joan and George between Folk Festivals, Sheila and Sid between trips to Worcester and Cheryl and Dave our friends from The Castle. We also had a lot of casual visitors who we hope to attract more often and we even saw Laurence Hoy who used to run Wigan Folk Club. With some new advertising material we hope to see a return to the good old days only bigger and better.

THE NEW SEASON - AUTUMN 1995 TO SUMMER 1996 will be launched on Thursday 28 September by JEZ LOWE after which it is hoped to have a nationally known artist every month with a combination of Singers' nights and local talent in between. On Thursday 9 November TOM McCONVILLE will keep up the tradition of being one of our star performers every year. Currently we are negotiating to bring GARVA to our Christmas Party again so already we have the framework of a good programme.

In between there will be a mixture of special evenings such as a 'Lancashire Night' and 'St Patrick's Night' and ultimately the plan is to build the club so it can support a 'DAY OF FOLK AT THE RAILWAY' in the Summer of '96 with singarounds, crafts, workshops and an evening concert - something for everyone starting a new tradition in the club calendar - WATCH THIS SPACE!


  • Don't forget to keep an eye on TELETEXT Channel 4 Page 624 or 625!

  • Please take extra copies of our newsletters and other advertising if there are prominent places you feel will attract attention like libraries and folk clubs!

  • If you have a good time at THE RAILWAY then please tell your friends!

  • Let us have any ideas you may have for building up the membership!

  • Give us suggestions you might have for club activities!

  • Requests for artists you would like to hear will be welcome!

  • If you would like to help us organise the DAY OF FOLK we should be very grateful!

  • Finally please let us know if there is any way that you feel you want to make a contribution to the club and haven't been asked!

Our aim is to build a healthy club which can give the members what they want - but we need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 SEPTEMBER 1995 JEZ LOWE Geordie singer songwriter genius
19 OCTOBER 1995 BERNARD WRIGLEY A man who needs no introduction
9 NOVEMBER 1995 TOM McCONVILLE International Geordie superstar
30 NOVEMBER 1995 MARIE LITTLE Local girl who made very very good
14 DECEMBER 1995 GARVA The finest Irish band in the North
21 DECEMBER 1995 CHRISTMAS PARTY Fun and Games at the Railway
Editor - Don Davies  
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