To a visitor...

So - you came here on the understanding
This was one great hub
Of musical activity -
A kind of social club.

Allow me to correct your obvious misapprehension.
I'll endeavour to explain if you'll give me your attention.

It's a sort of special needs outfit
For bewildered, frail musicians,
Singers, poets and storytellers
Plagued by inhibitions.

A counselling support team
To help those with afflictions -
Musical twitch, St. Vitus' Dance,
Unspeakable addictions.

Most club nights things go smoothly
If they've had their medication,
But if someone forgets
It can lead to complications.

We try to motivate them
With gentle stimulus,
To sing or play, dance up and down
If they feel they must.

They have their little quirks
But they're quite docile and tame,
Howard here thinks he's Beethoven,
Please don't laugh - it's a shame.

Instability is manifested in assorted forms,
Frenzied shouting, bottle smashing,
Punching holes in drums.

But they're not all hyperactive
Though we do keep some sedated,
Those who tend to cut up rough
When they get over excited.

But there again...

There's harmless Rob - comes ambling in,
Hitches up the door,
Prone to loss of self control
But they're working on a cure.

I've been coming here for quite some time
And I can see improvements
In the rehabilitation
Of nearly all the 'clients'.

There's one whose progress lags behind -
Prognosis pretty grim -
Insists that he's in charge round here,
We've given up on him!

I see you've put your coat back on,
I hope that you're not leaving,
Are you sure you wouldn't like to hear
The music or some singing?

No? But if you'd like to try again
First, give me a call,
I'm listed in the high-risk block
Of Broadmoor hospital

©Helen Jocys August 2002

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