Primus inter pares,
Shining paragon.
So painful to part company,
We selfishly cling on
To your friendship; powerful eloquence;
Character and style.
Don't dismiss us from your memory,
We'll all meet up in awhile.

"What a load of soppy codswallop!"
I can hear him say.
"I hope that clod of mawkish drivel
Isn't aimed at me!"
It's surely aimed at you my lad,
At your capacity
For spreading your infectious
Sense of fun and drollery.

Who else had power to make us laugh
One minute, then to cry,
With "Home Lads Home" and "Bonny Brid",
It makes us wonder why
You had to leave so suddenly,
Not halfway through your act,
Though it's not for us to query,
But for us to face a fact.

"Do you have to be so morbid?
Can't you raise a little smile?
Though someone beamed me up here,
I'll keep you all on file.

My apologies for last Thursday,
Which I hope you'll accept,
I dozed off, dreaming of my boat,
I must have overslept."

No need for apologies,
Sleep on and take your rest,
We won't disturb the dreams of one
We always loved the best.

Helen Jocys
© 2003

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