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11 September 


On tour from Canada, Tanglefoot have a big sound, big hair, big hearts - from a big country! They have a rompin', stompin', high-energy stage show. Guitars, piano, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, banjo and whistles - combine with full-throttle harmony vocals and a sizzling stage presence to give you good-time entertainment, Canadian style. Visit their website!!


A great start to the new season - unless you're Stewart, that is... unfortunately Stewart was ill and had to miss tonight's frivolities.

Bernard was running the night in Stewart's absence, and Ian took his usual place on the door making darned sure nobody sneaked in without paying - he's even been known to try and charge the guest!! Babs and Kate did a sterling job looking after the raffle, which featured two Tanglefoot CDs for prizes, and Bernard's CD as booby prize!

By 8:15pm the room was already filling up, so Bernard started the evening with a forty minute solo spot which was well received by the guests and audience alike. Just before 9:00pm we took a short break in preparation for the mayhem to follow!!

Tanglefoot did two very enthusiastic spots which delighted the capacity crowd - we had thought of hanging a few chairs from the ceiling to cram a few more in, but thought better of it! It was my first experience (for want of a better word!) of Tanglefoot, and I was impressed by their professionalism as much as by their wonderful musicianship. They had a spontaneity that belied the obvious meticulous rehearsal and attention to detail. Having played in a band for many years myself, I know that many 'ad libs' are anything but - they have developed over years of hard work - but, nonetheless, it was as if they were uttering the words for the first time, which is one reason why so many people come to watch them time and time again. They will be back!! Click here to see some photos!

18 September   Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Richard Gray, who has stepped in at short notice to replace Loose Elastic. Brian is unwell after a bypass operation, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Well done, Richard! Despite feeling somewhat under the weather himself, he gave us an evening to remember - some of his own songs, including club favourite 'The Diamond and the Rose', and songs by other writers including Richard Thompson.

Before Richard's Big Spot we had songs and tunes from various club regulars, including our very own award winner, Joan Gallimore! A few weeks ago, Joan was at Saltburn Festival, where she won the Fred Jordan Award - not only that, but she was the very first winner of the award, to boot! Anyway, this eveni ng she sang 'The Galway Shawl', plus one of the songs with which she won the award - Eric Bogle's 'They Had No Use For Him'. Well done, Joan!

Ben and Chris took a night off from Chorlton Folk Club to be with us, and our other 'visitor' was 'Flying Fingers' Grant Baynham. A good time woz 'ad by all!

25 September   RISKY BUSINESS

This ever-popular trio are back (archive) at the Railway yet again!

Celebrating ten years as a band, Risky Business gave us yet another memorable evening! The mental image of Ruth in her underwear, legs covered in Immac, chasing her cat (also covered in Immac!)... confused? You'll just have to ask Ruth next time you see her! Click here to see the photos - of Risky Business at the Railway!

2 October   Singers Night

(performers 80p)


Brian is, perhaps, best known as lead guitarist with The Strawbs (since 1978), as well as being a session musician. He has also toured in Nanci Griffith's band. As a Nashville session singer, Cathryn Craig has worked with such artists as Emmylou Harris, Tom Paxton & Bill Medley. Featuring on Brian Willoughby's solo album has led to the successful team of Brian & Cathryn performing together in concert. Cathryn sings a mixture of traditional and contemporary music, sympathetically accompanied by Brian - and it isn't sickly 'Country and Western'!! If you appreciate Sara Grey and Debbie McClatchy, then this is definitely for you!

And what a great evening we had! Stewart started us off, followed by Nick and Lin, with Bernard completing the 'warm-up act'.

Cathryn and Brian then took the stage, and the audience were captivated by Cathryn's sincere and engaging personality and her beautiful singing, and by Brian's skilful guitar playing. We were introduced to Rosie and Rusty (Brian's guitars!) and Elizabeth (Cathryn's guitar), and we felt as if we'd been introduced to Cathryn's Great Grandaddy, too! In 1918 he was recorded and photographed by none other than Cecil Sharp!

During the second half, Cathryn invited the residents to join in with 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken' - the biggest surprise was that we were all reasonably in tune with each other!

We expect to see these two back at the Railway in the not too distant future! Click here to see the photos!

16 October   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

23 October £5.00 MUNDY-TURNER

Catherine Mundy and Jay Turner are an orignal acoustic music duo formed Australia in 1995. Cath plays lyrical violin & piano in a cross between classical, folk and blues styles; Jay plays accoustic guitar. Both have singing voices which can veer from soaringly passionate to the tender and subtle. They have been to the Railway before, and return by popular demand! Oh - here's a link to their website!

Yet another outstanding performance - Cath and Jay always put everything they've got into their performance! Photos to follow later...

30 October £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Eddie Bentham and Terry McKenna! Eddie tends to lean more towards comic songs, whereas Terry prefers the more 'serious' material with that wonderfully lyrical voice of his.

STANDING ROOM ONLY! Yes, Ed and Terry played to a capacity audience! They had obviously been working hard on their presentation, because they managed to cram a lot into the short time they had available! There was no faffing about wondering what they were doing next, and they even handed out chorus sheets! The evening flew by, and most of their material was stuff we hadn't heard them do before, which was an added bonus. Well done, lads!!

6 November £5.00 LEON ROSSELSON

Emily Slade was originally booked for this evening but her new offspring is due around this time... so... we will book her again when her child permits!!

Leon Rosselson has been a guest at the Railway before, and is highly respected for his songwriting talent as well as for the quality of his performance. From the early days of the folk revival as a member of Galiards on radio and TV, he started writing songs seriously (and humorously!) in the early 60's and hasn't stopped since. His eary songs were topical-satirical (some on TV's That Was The Week That Was) but he broadened out from there. He's performed in every conceivable venue around the UK and toured USA, Holland, Belgium, Switzrland and Australia. His children's songs and stories are truly inspiring.

13 November   Singers Night
 £1.00 (performers 80p)

It's now a year since Stewart's debut running a Singers' Night... and we're still here!! Happy anniversary, lad!

20 November £6.00 BOB FOX

One of England's best voices…great integrity & ability... he is one of Britain's best-known singer/guitarists, and will feature his newly released album Borrowed Moments (to celebrate 30 years in the folk scene) which has chosen to launch at "really good folk Clubs" across the UK. That's why he chose the Railway! He sings traditional & contemporary songs. This year, he's been nominated for the BBC's Folk Singer of the Year award.

27 November £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of globetrotters Don and Heather Davies, who are taking a break from their hectic holidaying schedule to let us hear their latest compositions... we can hardly wait...!!! ...They must have landed in Kapsali Bay... dum-di-dum!! Oh, and Rob - there's a new version of the 'Borrowed Guitar' especially for you!!

Another great Big Spot! Don and Heather started with 'Dances for Dollars', and included 'The Man Who Was Our Friend', dedicated to the late Trevor Morton, which was probably the most poignant of tonight's offerings.

There was the amusing anecdote about the Spanish town with no campsite, so they had to park the camper on a multi-storey car park (aaaah!!), leading into the song 'Home is Where You Park It'!! It seems this was inspired by an Australian camper van with that legend on the back!

The final song of the evening was 'It's Time To Go' - a tongue-in-cheek reminiscence of the club, with verses about some of the regulars (including yours truly...!)!

Well done, Don and Heather - a worthy Big Spot contribution!!

4 December £4.00 D O U B L E   B I L L:

a 'collection' of new local songwriters from Bromborough Folk Club supporting the youngest and newest songwriter in the NorthWest... They are Keith Houghton, Phil Chisnall, Phil McGinty, Sally Williamson, Steve Boothroyd and somebody called Stewart Lever... whoever he is!

Nancy Cunliffe should have been one of tonight's guests, but her University commitments have clashed - we'll see her in the new year instead.

Stewart has arranged a replacement! He writes: 'Joe Topping of the Tom Topping Band has taken her spot. If you've not seen him, you mustn't miss him. He's just starting to get known... he's acting as Harvey Andrew's Support Act in his current tour. His voice makes the hairs on the back of your neck tingle!'

11 December £1.00 The Railway Singers Christmas Party

Butties by the trayload... need we say more?!

18 December £6.50 The Railway Irish Christmas Party

Tonight's line-up is Tony, Terry, Kevin and Lesley - better get yer ticket!! And turn up early if you want a good seat! Doors open at 5:00am... well, maybe not!!

Once again, Garva played to a capacity audience. Plenty of foot-tapping songs and tunes, including Lesley's legendary rendition of Shane McGowan's 'Fairytale of New York' (she paid me to say that!) and 'Afternoon Delight'. Kevin Webster was on his usual top form on the button box, Terry played his flute and assorted whistles which are Garva's trademark sound, and Tony Gibbons told his usual assortment of terrible jokes!! Seriously, though, Tony has been front man for Garva ever since the band formed, and still seems to have the same fresh enthusiasm as if the band had only just got together!

Tune in to 'Sounds of Folk' on BBC GMR (95.1/104.6 FM) on Monday March 15th 2004 between 8:00pm and 9:00pm, as we will have Garva live in the studio!

25 December   (closed)

1 January

Although the Club is closed this evening, some of us will be meeting at lunchtime for our annual New Year's Afternoon music session - why not join us? You don't have to play or sing, you can just listen!!

8 January Opening the New Year in Style

His Worship and the Pig's Pantomime has been cancelled due to illness, so the Railway Residents will entertain you!

They are:

Stewart Lever
Don and Heather Davies
Rick Nelson, Lesley Turner and Richard Peach
Nick and Lin Tysoe
Bernard Cromarty

Back again at the Railway, this band are always welcome guests! Click here to read about last year's visit!

'Jane and Amanda Threlfall, with Martin Ellison and Roger Edwards' have adopted a new name... which is a lot easier to type!

Now recognised as brilliant ambassadors of English traditional songs and music. Their lively and refreshing approach, coupled with considerable skill, passion and respect, has earned them a remarkable response from the traditional music establishment. From the amazing success of their debut album "Morning Tempest", in September 2000, they go from strength to strength.

Mike Harding's enthusiasm for their quality performance meant regular exposure on his Radio 2 Show and an immediate nomination for the Horizon Award for Newcomers in the 2001 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. "(They are) terrific performers of English traditional material," he declared. "A great delight to come across music that's got that edge of authenticity - very traditional, very English, but also wonderfully done." Their second album, "Gown of Green", launched at Sidmouth 2002, also got the Radio 2 treatment.

CD sales remain strong, and regular postings on radio playlists throughout Europe and America, together with positive reviews from fROOTS, The Living Tradition and innumerable regional folk magazines, confirm them as "one of the brightest stars in the folk firmament".

Threlfall Ellison Edwards are quietly unassuming, until they actually do their stuff! Suddenly everything's awesome quality! They really must be seen live to be fully appreciated. Currently working on their third CD, they plan a release date either later this year or early 2004. Get on their mailing list now!

As we've come to expect, they just get better every time you see them. It is easy to see why they work so well as a band - there isn't a clear 'leader'. Too many bands are really just one person with a backing, which often results in internal friction because the other members feel somewhat overshadowed. Threlfall Ellison Edwards used to be 'Jane and Amanda Threlfall'... the name change reflects their own realisation that they all have an equal footing.

22 January £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Alan Grace, the Railway's own shantyman. If it's good chorus singing you want, then Alan's yer man! Oh, and he doesn't only sing shanties!

Tonight is also the first anniversary of the death of our friend and resident poet, Trevor Morton. Our efforts will be dedicated to his memory.

Strong memories and a touch of class... Alan had a difficult job to do, but rose to the occasion in great style - along with vocal support from his family. It was plain to see who was boss... yes, daughter Lucy!!.

All in all, it was a grat night from start to finish. Lots of people paid tribute to Trevor during the first part - the Singers Night - and after the break, JJ started Alan's spot with a shanty... swiftly followed by a couple more from Alan! It was good that Alan chose to finish with Trevor's favourite - Home, Lads, Home. Did you know that Cicely Fox-Smith was born in Lymm?


Erm, yes... exactly what I asked, too! However, club regulars Derrick and Heather have seen her, and think she's very good - they even bought her CD! So... she has been booked!

Flossie is a French singer who started getting involved in the English folk scene in 2001 while she was on a teacher exchange in the North East.

Singing in France for many years in bands or with her own guitar, she found it quite natural to turn up one night at the Darlington folk club and perform a couple of songs...

Now Flossie is back in England and has been singing in folk clubs and festival all over the place since summer 2001, making new friends each time!!

Flossie has a voice as clear and tuneful as a lark, with a pureness of quality to stop you in your tracks in the forest of a song (Colum Sands)

What a refreshing change! Flossie is unlike any guest we've ever had at the Railway! She started with Piaff's 'Padam, Padam', and finished the evening with another Piaff song - 'Je Ne Regrette Rien'. Flossie sings them better than Piaff did, too! In between times, she sang a mix of traditional English and French songs, with a litle Country thrown in for good measure - oh, and even a Beatles' song!

We'll be having her back!

5 February   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

12 February £5.00 TOM NAPPER TOM BLISS

A proven high level of musicianship... buckets of skill and experience... two gifted exponents of mandolin-family instruments, a virtuoso on tenor banjo and no slouch on guitar with characterful singing voices... traditional and contemporary songs. Why not visit their website?

19 February   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

26 February £5.00 ANTHONY JOHN CLARKE

Happily, there are many singwriters around... but those that are special? Well, you can count them on one hand. AJC is one such songwriter... but also an excellent entertainer. His gentle Irish charm can hold the audience in the palm of his hand from the very first song. These days, Elizabeth van de Waal (no, she isn't Dutch!) joins Tony on his gigs, playing keyboard and harmonising delicately with his singing.

4 March £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees the anniversay of the first of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Nick and Lin, who sometimes sing unaccompanied, sometimes Lin sings to the accompaniment of Nick's guitar or banjo, and sometimes she plays mandolin or autoharp. Best arrive early to be sure of a seat!

11 March £6.00 STEVE TILSTON

An excellent singer-songwriter, whose songs are sung by many other high profile performers, including Vin Garbutt. He has also appeared with Maggie Boyle and Waz, amongst others... so why not Let Your Banjo Ring to those Slipjigs and Reels?!

18 March   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

25 March £6.00 HARVEY ANDREWS

Harvey has been writing & performing his own songs, monologues and stories for 35 years ... a night to put you in touch with yourselves, with your past & your present, with parenthood & childhood, with work & play... prepare to be seriously entertained. A sell-out in 2003... so order your tickets (£6) early!

1 April £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Dave Pugh, a sublime guitarist and singer who is guaranteed to enthrall you!


John is 'in a class of his own for the life he instills into whatever issues from his squeezeboxes'. Yes, we've got him out of the cupboard, dusted him off, and propped him up on the stage to entertain you! Is it really a year since he was last at the Railway?!

15 April   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

22 April £5.00 PHIL HARE

Singer and guitarist Phil Hare has been to the Railway before - as a temporary member of Garva! Tonight we see him performing in his own right. A very talented guitarist and songwriter - who also plays traditional material. His trademark is improvising a song using ideas from the audience...

He is regarded as one of the finest & most distinctive acoustic guitarist in the folk scene. After serving a 'local apprenticeship' with bands like Full House, Fiddle Band and Garva, Phil became a solo performer taking to the road with a powerful, self-written song selection.

29 April £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Sally Williamson - last seen at the Railway with Six of One... six singer-songwriters who frequent Bromborough Folk Club.

6 May £8.00

Another of the Railway's perennial favourites, Vin is one of the best known performers on the music scene today and one of the most sought after... but he loves the Railway, so he's back again! His song-writing is witty & powerful, tackling though provoking issues which others prefer to avoid... accompanied by some impressive guitar and fine whistle playing. A sell-out last year so get your tickets early (£7.00 in advance, £8.00 on the night if any left!!).

13 May £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Mark and Jan, our husband and wife team, assisted by 'The Brat' (alias daughter Kath)!! Better bring your Welsh phrasebook...

20 May £8.00

Clive visited the Railway last year. He was born and raised in Manchester, is an accomplished singer, musician and record producer. His start in the music business was as the leader of Any Trouble, a band that made five albums and performed hundreds of gigs but which broke up at the end of 1984. He then formed a partnership with Christine Collister, and toured as Gregson & Collister between 1985 and 1992. During this time he also toured with the Richard Thompson Band. Find out more on his website!

Although living in USA, Clive always finds time to visit one of his favourite clubs, the Railway. In a recent BBC interview Mary Chapin Carpenter named Clive as one of her favourite songwriters. His songs have been recorded by many artistes and according to Guitar Player, he is one of the '1000 great guitarists'. He's also an accomplished singer, keyboard player and record producer.

On the morning of Saturday October 25th 2003, Clive managed to fall off his roof whilst cleaning out the gutters! He sustained a broken left arm and shoulder, bruised ribs, badly cut left leg, and bruised fingers on his right hand. We wish him well, and hope to see him fully recovered in time to be here tonight!

A sell-out last year so get your tickets early (£7.00 in advance, £8.00 on the night if any left!).

27 May   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

3 June D O U B L E   B I L L:

Phil Chisnall & Arthur Marshall - both singer/songwriters from the Bromborough Folk Club. They both play guitar, and Arthur also plays fiddle and melodeon.

10 June £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Julie, John, Colin and Bob - JJCB, hence 'Stuttering Bulldozers'... groan!! Colin's jokes are... well... Colin's jokes!!


Our own residents, Richard Peach, Lesley Turner and Rick Nelson are doing their own guest night by popular demand!!

...and what a night! The audience were enthralled and entertained from start to finish. These three are going from strength to strength - don't be surprised if they start appearing on festival lists in the very near future!

24 June to 4 July  
24 June Festival Singers Night BIG Spot

An anarchic trio, regulars at the Northwich Folk Club, playing guitar and bongos. They wowed the Railway when they turned up for a Singers Night. It should be a good night... anything could happen!

Well, we don't know wich was missing - we had Bill and Mark - the third member couldn't be with us. However, mark enthusiatically worked his way through various songs including some Dylan 'standards', and Bill gave us a mix of his own material and 'covers'. The encore had everyone in stitches... one of Bill's own songs, 'I'm Gorilla For You'...!!

25 June Festival Ceilidh
and caller
Arthur Marshall

The Festival Ceilidh will be in the marquee on the Railway garden, and our band is Flotsam, and will include our own Richard Peach, JJ and maybe Bernard. The caller is Arthur Marshall, and Bernard is planning to call a few dances, too!

No photos of the ceilidh, I'm afraid - we were enjoying ourselves too much to remember to take any!! Maybe someone who was there took some and could let us have them, please? You'll just have to make do with a picture of the marquee... how exciting!!

Arthur turned out to be a formidable caller - we hope to make this an annual event! Despite a fairly small crowd, the evening went very well indeed - enough people to make dancing practical, especially as most came to dance.

The band line-up was JJ (John Jocys - melodeon), Richard Peach (fiddle and mandolin), Pete Orpet (guitar) and Bernard (bass).

Towards the end of the evening, Bernard played 'Dark Island' on his accordion, which managed to charm a worm up through the marquee floor!

26 June £12.00

Martin Simpson - what a catch for the Railway! Martin tends to stick to bookings at the big folk festivals. He's one of the world's premiere acoustic guitarists, and a powerful songwriter and fine singer. His playing, which in part defined the English steel string acoustic guitar sound, is idiosyncratic, instantly recognisable and revered among guitar fans. His work is very divers covering all types of traditional and acoustic music, and he has collaborated with a bewildering variety of musicians from June Tabor to Jackson Browne.

A good job we decided to use a marquee!! Over 150 people flocked into see Martin, twice as many as we can comfortably and safely fit in the club room! Martin was really on form, and obviously thoroughly enjoyed the more intimate atmosphere of our marquee!


What can we say about our perennial favourites, Garva, that we haven't already said? Oh yes! They are in the marquee this time, so there's plenty of room for everyone! Tony, Terry, Lesley, and (we hope!) Kevin will be giving their all to entertain you once again as only they can.


And what a night! A real festival atmosphere with over 150 people in the marquee! It would be lovely if some of the one-off visitors came back on a club night!!

Garva were on top form, despite Tony and Kevin being delayed by the shenannigans on the M6! They were ready to start on time, by the skin of their teeth!

We heard all the old favourites, including 'You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time/Kesh Jig', 'My Old Man' and 'Afternoon Delight', and much more besides!


It's hard to believe this man is seventy years old...! He still has the drive to perform to the best of his ability, and we are proud to have him gracing our marquee as our last concert guest for this year's Lymm Festival. Arrive early to be sure of a good seat!


A memorable night's entertainment - Roy showed us why he is still at the top after all these years! Not only is he a wonderful singer, but a great raconteur with a dry wit.

Well, Lymm Festival is over for another year... and despite Stewart's initial misgivings, we managed to break even thanks to remarkably high attendances, and some financial support from Paul, the landlord of the Railway!

Next year we intend to have the marquee again, and there will be even more events for you to choose from, not only folk - and season tickets, too! Watch this space for more info!

8 July
  Singers Night

(performers 80p)


One of the folk scenes 'big bands' - the number of members varies, but there's usually around six or so, including Clive Leyland who also is a member of Auld Triangle as well as being a solo performer in his own right.

22 July
29 July
  Singers Nights

(performers 80p)

 5 August
12 August
19 August
26 August
  Singers Nights

(performers 80p)

2 September   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

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