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9 September 

 £7.00 JEZ LOWE

Jez has visited the Railway on many occasions, sometimes with his 'Bad Pennies', but tonight as a solo artiste. We are expecting a packed house, so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment! Visit his website!!


16 September   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

23 September £7.00 ALLAN TAYLOR

Allan Taylor is coming back to the Railway yet again! He is a 'Singer's Singer' - he writes songs that other singers quickly latch onto and include in their own repertoire. Many of his songs have already become 'standards' - so get down to the Railway and see this living legend!

30 September   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

7 October £5.00 RON TRUEMAN-BORDER

14 October £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Mark Dowding, who recently recorded many of the songs sung by the late Harry Boardman on an album called 'A Mon Like Harry'. Along with Chris Harvey (who may well join Mark tonight if time allows), Mark presents a Harry Boardman showcase at festivals... you must not miss tonight's performance!

21 October £3.00 Bernard Cromarty

One of the best known 'unknowns' on the North West folk scene! Bernard has been seen guesting at some of the local folk clubs in recent years - Maghull, Northwich, Swinton, Ring O'Bells (Widnes), Full Circle (Manchester), and on numerous Folk Train excursions! Tune in to BBC GMR (95.1/104.6 FM) on a Monday evening to 'Sounds of Folk' with Ali O'Brien - Bernard is the programme's producer.

Come along tonight and expect a good sing with some virtuoso instrumental work thrown in for good measure!

28 October £1.00 Singers Night

(performers 80p)

4 November £5.00 KATHRYN ROBERTS

This talented pair have been to the Railway before... Kathryn sings beautifully to Sean's carefully crafted guitar work. Click here to find out more!

11 November   Singers Night
 £1.00 (performers 80p)

It's now TWO WHOLE YEARS since Stewart's debut running a Singers' Night... and we're still here!! Happy anniversary, lad!

18 November £7.00 Bernard Wrigley

The Bolton Bullfrog is back!

25 November £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Rod and Daniel Scotney and some friends, plus an assortment of instruments, some of which are best described as unusual!! This should be a good night!


Stanley has a way of 'writing' songs at the drop of a hat - they are topical, mostly humorous, but very cleverly crafted. Earlier this year he appeared at the Friday Night concert at Saddleworth Festival... an hour earlier the concert had suffered a power failure, so the early performers had to work without sound and lighting equipment... by the time Stanley went on stage, order had been restored... he arrived on stage carrying a torch and wearing a white coat, and proceeded to reduce everyone to tears of laughter with a song (complete with complicated chorus!) about the whole thing! Best bring a change of underwear...!

9 December   Singers Night

(performers 80p)

16 December £6.50 The Railway Irish Christmas Party

Tonight's line-up is likely to be Tony, Terry, Kevin and Lesley - better get yer ticket!! And turn up early if you want a good seat! Doors open at 5:00am... well, maybe not!!


23 December   The Railway Singers Christmas Party

Butties by the trayload... need we say more?!

30 December   I Think I Survived Christmas
Singers Night BIG Spot
 £1.00 (performers 80p)

Come and join us for the Christmas Hangover Workshop!!

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Pete and Brian, alias Loose Elastic, who will no doubt be in festive spirit! So come and fester with them!!

1 January

Some of us will be meeting at lunchtime for our annual New Year's Afternoon music session - why not join us? You don't have to play or sing, you can just listen!!

6 January
Singers Night

(performers 80p)


Yes, this ever-popular band is back at the Railway!

And what a wonderful evening we had! The sound is magic, the choice of songs is flawless, the banter between songs... well...


20 January £1.00 Singers Night BIG SESSION

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - though this will be a little different - we're having a 'session'!

It's the turn of the Marmalade Band, a group of club regulars who meet every Saturday morning to share breakfast and tunes at each others' houses! Helen, Clare, Lesley, Heather, Kath and probably a few others will entertain you royally! Bring your instruments along and join in!



This is Flossie's second visit to the Railway - she stole everyone's hearts last time she was here, so beware!

On her way in she is calling at BBC GMR studios for an interview with Ali O'Brien, due to be broadcast on Monday January 31st, so don't forget to tune in - 95.1/104.6 FM, DAB and online at



Flossie Malavialle, but everyone knows her as "Flossie", was making her second performance at our Club. She arrived in her jeans and sweater....but for the performance she changed in our Club's dressing room (the ladies loo!), emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Our Bernard teased her by setting up candles in red glasses by her CD stall..."looking like a French tart's boudoir!".

She loves to sing with her guitar and to tell her such a surprising accent!

Have you ever heard a French person talking in English? They always have a strong French accent....but imagine someone with a strong French accent and a strong Darlington twang...that's Flossie. Her command of languages puts me to shame, I can just about order a beer in Spanish....she speaks fluent English, Spanish, she's learning Italian...and her command of Darlington dialect is amazing "like"!

Using her love of languages with a deep voice full of passion, she sang Edith Piaf's 'Padam Padam' (with a great chorus), 'La Martinana', 'La Vie en Rose' and 'Ta Katie t'a quitte' (a french tongue twister).

There was a magic moment when she chose to sing 'Les Feuilles Mortes' (The Autumn Leaves) as a dedication for a woman in the audience whose father had died last year. It was magic because Flossie chose the song without knowing that it was so special to this woman’s was the one he used to sing to his wife!

Flossie's a mate of Vin Garbutt, she drives him to a lot of his that where she picked up the north eastern twang? She ended the night with Vin's Troubles of Erin...with an encore of the Edith Piaf's song, 'No Regrets'.

What a fabulous night!

...and put Jan 26th next year in your diary to see her again at our Club!


3 February Singers Night

(performers 80p)

10 February £5.00 TOM NAPPER TOM BLISS

This duo is really going places - book your tickets early!


17 February Singers Night

(performers 80p)

24 February £5.00 ANTHONY JOHN CLARKE

Nothing needs to be said about AJC - it has all been said already! Just make sure you are here!


3 March Singers Night

(performers 80p)

10 March £6.00 STEVE TILSTON

Book your tickets early! Steve Tilston needs no introduction - lots of people have recorded songs he has written, so come along and hear the originals!


17 March £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Ring of Bells regulars Sandy and Geoff Clough - this promises to be a very enjoyable evening!


24 March £6.00 HARVEY ANDREWS

Harvey shows everyone how to work an audience - he is the consummate professional. Of course, his songwriting is legendary, too, but an evening with Harvey is more than just entertainment! Come and see for yourself.


31 March Singers Night

(performers 80p)


Another Railway regular who really needs no introduction. The Master of the diatonic accordion and Anglo concertina, and a brilliant songwriter as well. John bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary music, with some Music Hall thrown in for good measure!

14 April Singers Night

(performers 80p)

21 April £5.00 PHIL HARE

Phil is another guest who embraces traditional and contemporary folk. Not to be missed!

28 April £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of John Jocys - better known as JJ. During the spot, JJ plans to invite a few of his friends to assist with the harmonies on some of the songs he has chosen, so this promises to be a class act!! I daresay we'll have a few tunes on the melodeon thrown in for good measure, too!

We all had a really good sing! Also joining John on the occasional item were Mark, Jan and Kath Taylor, and Bernard...

Mark and Kath aiding and abetting...!


We're not sure what the line-up of John's band will be - but you can be sure it will be magnificent! Book early, or you won't get a seat!


What a great evening's entertainment for a full house! John brought Joe Topping and Joe Wright (no relation!), who are both well established solo performers, and provided the gathered afficionados with plenty of what they came for!

12 May Singers Night

(performers 80p)

19 May £5.00 JULIE ELLISON

Julie is a brilliant singer and guitarist, and writes songs too! She is well worth a visit to the Railway - why not find out more from her website, where you can also hear audio samples from her debut CD 'At Last'.

Julie was a guest on BBC GMR Sounds of Folk on October 18th 2004 - if you missed it, and you have a broadband connection (they are fairly big files!), email Bernard (SoF Producer) and ask for some MP3s from the programme!


Very impressive! Not only is Julie's guitar playing a cut above the rest, but she has the ability to write songs on thought-provoking subjects which are 'listenable'. Some songs were about her own life, others were based on observation, but the one song that got through deeply to everyone was, as she took great care to point out, not about her own father - it was a difficult subject to sing about, but we all took it very much to heart.

26 May Singers Night

(performers 80p)


Tom Kitching (21) has been playing fiddle for 6 years, joined Steal the Recipe in the summer of 2003, was a finalist in the BBC2 Young Folk Awards in December 2003 and is now in demand across the country for his outrageous and individual style. He played at a number of festivals last summer, including a triumphant headline slot with both Steal the Recipe and The Fox Hat at the Venture Theatre in Ashby de la Zouch. He released a successful solo album, 'Cheshire rounds' last summer.

Paul Sullivan (43), surely one of the finest singers and musicians ever to emerge from Grimsby, has had a hand in almost every musical flowering of the Buxton folk scene in the last 8 years, winning the Best Music award at the Buxton Festival Fringe in 1998 with Keel Over, touring Germany in the same year and the Czech Republic in 1999. As a founder member of Steal the Recipe, he wrote and sang much of the band's material and provided drive with his powerful and original bouzouki playing.


Stewart started the evening, followed by Nick and Lin Tysoe, and then Nancy took to the stage. She'd brought her guitar, Celtic harp and a Thai equivalent of a hammer dulcimer, which she proceeded to use to good effect to provide accompaniment for her self-penned songs.

After the break, Bernard gave us a couple of songs and a tune, and then Tom and Paul took over for the remainder of the evening. They played us a wide variety of trad tunes, with a few of Paul's self-penned songs, and had everyone's feet tapping.

9 June £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Geoff Bibby, who is also a resident at the Ring o'Bells, Warrington... Geoff sings mostly unaccompanied traditional music.


16 June £3.00 NELSON PEACH

The Railway's own Super Group! Rick and Lesley Nelson and Richard Peach, who expect to have their first album available this very evening!


Well worth waiting for! Nelson Peach delivered the goods to a delighted audience. It's worth noting that we had a bigger audience than we have had for some of the so-called 'big names'... The second of the pictures above shows what a riot we had! Rick and Lesley brought two of the Haddenham Hoofers Appalachian dancers along, who danced a couple of routines towards the end of the night - and co-opted Nick Tysoe on banjo to augment the band!

CD sales are going well!! So buy now while stocks last!

23 June Singers Night

(performers 80p)

30 June
10 July

The Railway Festival 2005 Programme

14 July Singers Night

(performers 80p)


28 July £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of Peter Hood & Linda Edwards, who run the Red Bull folk club in Stockport.

04 August Singers Night

(performers 80p)

11 August £1.00 Singers Night BIG Spot

Tonight sees another of our 'Big Spot' offerings - Railway regulars being asked to do an extended spot after the beer break on a Singers' Night.

This time it's the turn of our very own Stewart Lever!

18 August Singers Night

(performers 80p)

25 August £6.50 KERFUFFLE

1 September Singers Night

(performers 80p)

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